London Music & Culture is a brand that follows and informs you about all the previous, current and upcoming music events that are located in the city. Our goal is to ensure that readers are aware of all music-based events, and to promote the growth of local youth, music and culture in London.


A concept that originally started as a blog, to inform students about the latest budget-friendly music and cultural events in the city; the brand has now expanded and focused on showcasing the most exciting, entertaining and enticing places that the city has to offer. This includes clubs, live events & performances, bars and nightclubs that offer a less-traditional and implement more innovation and originality.

The City

London is one of the richest cities when speaking about the culture and music that can be discovered. The UK’s music consumption of live music totaled £3.7 billion during 2016, with live music events contributing for over £904 Million in revenue throughout the country. London was the primary market for most events, with the most populated consumer market for music and ‘experience shopping’.