The Candlelight Club

The Candlelight Club is one of London’s eccentric venues that embodies the aesthetic and music of 1920’s speakeasy clubs. The pop-up bar has become a crowd-favourite as it is held in a secret location, completely lit by candles and surrounded by live jazz music. The guests attending are encouraged to wear their finest Prohibition era clothing, to complete the vintage look of each night.  The location of the bar is revealed to guests through email only 2 days prior to the actual event. Other special nights, such as the upcoming Summer Ball on July 8th feature two different entertainment rooms with jazz and live DJ’s, as well as two different Cabaret Lounges.

Guests can book a variety of packages for the night, ranging from drinks and dancing, to three-course menus, and even private tables with exclusive champagne. Each package has the option to purchase signature platters and snacks at the bar throughout the night. Entertainment will be different due to the change in themes each week, however, the headline act for the venue has become Champagne Charlie & The Bubbly Boys. The dancing band also doubles as a cabaret team to offer an all-round crowd entertaining experience.

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The traditional hours for events are between 19:00 and midnight, and ticket prices are more than affordable for most; starting at just £15. However, the prices inside can be more expensive when consuming food or drinks, so beware. A useful tip for first-time attendees is to arrive as early as possible after door opens, to get the highest chance of finding a table if you haven’t booked one already.

For more information and booking tickets you can visit the official website for the venue.


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