The Jazz Cafe

Located in the heart of Camden, The Jazz Cafe is a culture hot-spot for the people that are looking to enjoy something eclectic, exciting and  different from the norm of traditional music venues. The cafe specializes in a verity of music genres, including jazz, soul, hip-hop and RnB, house and many more. This offers an incredible variety of events, and caters to many people’s musical interests.

Ticket prices will vary depending on the event of the night and the artist. Prices will range from £10 for early and first releases, to £30 for final release tickets. Additional extra charges may apple when booking a table for dining during events, and includes a reserved seating area. Group reservations can be made for exclusive events, and will accommodate from 15 to 150 guests.

Abstract Orchestra

One of the Cafe’s most popular events has been the consistent presence of the Abstract Orchestra. The orchestra features some of the finest musicians from all over the UK, to perform classic albums such as MF Doom and Madlib’s ‘Madvillainy’ and hip-hop producer J. Dilla’s cult classic ‘Donuts’. The events are spaced out throughout the year, to offer the opportunity for fans from all over the country to attend.

The next upcoming show for the Abstract Orchestra is on Saturday 25th March, and tickets are available here.


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